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Becoming the Radical:


intersectional practice

with a

love punk 

Kelly Burns
RYT 200+HR

Yoga + People

Posturing Like a Love Punk 

  Kelly Burns is a native Kansan who recently stopped apologizing for her roots, and instead, after reading her old friend Sarah Smarsh's Heartland, decided to fully embrace her Midwestern propensities toward truth-telling, fried food from fresh gardens, cursing, and hugging almost everyone she encounters.


She still finds disappointment in Colorado's tomatoes, but she feels it's a fair trade for the privilege of working with Fort Collins' amazing teachers and students as a Professional Learning Coordinator in Secondary Literacy at PSD and professor of Teaching Reading and Writing at Colorado State University.


When she's not teaching educators, she is dreaming about quiet writing hideouts, and coaching professionals from the posture of a love punk-- a term Kelly is playing with to mean someone who will lovingly hold the mirror for you even when the shit is hitting the respective fan. Guiding humans from a love punk space feels like holy communion in the sacred spaces of our everyday lives. It is Kelly's greatest calling. 


 Love-punking is a radical posture and requires nurturing at every level. If you need some love punking, come join Kelly in a coaching session, a PD class, a course at CSU, in a yoga class, a dharma workshop, or a mindfulness retreat throughout the Front Range and Midwest. 

If you don't believe her, you can check out her CV here.

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It’s that fire in your belly when the wo
A N A N D A  F R E E  O L D and N E W  W
Purification_Where earth and water meet—
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Public Intersectional Offerings

Light Touch Dharma Series at

The Be Free Healing Center

Fall 2019

Intersectional Offerings

I am honored to facilitate personalized yoga experiences that include Pranayama (breathwork) , Asana (postures), and Dyhana (meditation) with individuals and private groups. Please reach out through the email link below.

"As is the mind, so is the world."

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Fort Collins, Colorado


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