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Becoming the Radical:


intersectional practice 

Kelly Burns
RYT 200+HR

Yoga + People

Intersection is my word.

For the past twenty years, I have provided intersectional offerings around  literacy education, secondary literacy acquisition, yoga instruction, yoga excursion, life-coaching, healing breathwork, nature-based healing excursions, and yogic healing. In many ways, these concepts seem so far from each other, and yet, they continue to nourish my work in public education, pre-service teacher education, private yoga facilitation,  and public yoga  service for everyday folk, including the incarcerated men and women with whom I practice yoga, weekly.


This I know, for sure:

We are "both"  "and."

This is everything. 


We are holy in our "me, too" and " yes, please" when it comes to the tools that yoga and mindful awareness have to offer for

radical self-care and radical (un)becoming. 


Public Intersectional Offerings

Light Touch Dharma Series at

The Be Free Healing Center

Fall 2019

Intersectional Offerings

I am honored to facilitate personalized yoga experiences that include Pranayama (breathwork) , Asana (postures), and Dyhana (meditation) with individuals and private groups. Please reach out through the email link below.

"As is the mind, so is the world."

Get In Touch

Fort Collins, Colorado