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What does intersectional practice look like for you, your teaching and learning environment, and your students? 

How can Becoming the Radical support this evolution in your educational practice?

What does intersectional practice look like for educators and students?

For the past twenty years, as a classroom teacher in an urban setting, a university professor, and a public school district-level curriculum facilitator, I have provided intersectional offerings around  literacy education, secondary literacy acquisition, mindfulness, movement, and breath in the classroom. Additionally, this work has evolved into my latest offering,  mindful leadership for educators. When the leaders of our educational homes are grounded, opening, and aware--mountains move for students and teachers. 
Intersectional practice in the learning environment is the integration of social-emotional skills and the cognitive domains across the content. The focus of this work student-centered instructional consulting, collaborating, and coaching that revolves around goals, skills, and domains that concretely link the "soft" skills with the academic outcomes in the classroom. This work ALWAYS begins with the educator, wherever he or she is, and we work from there.  




*This is the most popular path requested from school sites, educators, and educational leadership organizations.

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Intentional movement around student engagement, brain-based learning, and academic tableau exploration

*Mindfulness for educational leadership, student learning outcomes, behavioral outcomes, and climate and culture

Breathwork for stress management, emotional equanimity, and climate and culture

Intentional, nonviolent communication to aid in trust, collaboration, and stewardship

 Offerings for Educators

All offerings are delivered through a multi-faceted format of consulting, collaborating, and coaching, and are malleable to fit specific needs of varying educational audiences. 

After 20 years of Intersectional Work and Educational Experience..

Meditation for emotional regulation, attention and academic focus, and trauma/stress relief
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